Nov 282014
FLIRC case for Raspberry Pi B+

FLIRC have made a new enclosure for the Raspberry Pi B+, which is going on sale today. The Pi Hut is importing these to the UK and is the sole distributor for UK and EU.

Priced at £13 including VAT, it’s an attractive case made of cast aluminium (painted). It has an integral heat-sink, and comes with a thermal pad you can use to ensure good thermal transfer.

It weighs 95g. This is what it looks like…

FLIRC case for Raspberry Pi B+

FLIRC case for Raspberry Pi B+

It seems to be targeted at media centre Pi owners, which is not surprising given what FLIRC is. It’s a good fit with their existing client base.

Here’s a Video Walkround

Here’s a Photo Gallery

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Pick one up at The Pi Hut

  10 Responses to “The FLIRC case for Raspberry Pi B+”

  1. Nice case (and the “built in” heat sink is nice).
    But not being able to use the full GPIO of the b+ …is a bit disappointing.

    Even for the “media center” raspi. What if you have a homemade ambilight ? How do you drive the led strips?
    Or want to add some status LED to the case?

    At least the price is nice …

    • I think it was a simple design error but I don’t think there’s a way round it. The pillars have to be where the mount holes are and they’re so close to the header that they prevent a full-width ribbon cable being connected.

      But even so. If you want to use an ambilight, you’d put it behind the TV and so a nice aluminium case would not be necessary. One that could access the full GPIO would be more suitable in that scenario.

  2. […] Alex Eames over at RasPi.TV has also reviewed the case and done a video walk-round. […]

  3. That is beautiful. I love a metal/industrial minimal look. Cast aluminium is a nice break from the constant plastic case releases too – and a good price at that.

    Shame I have more cases than I have Pis :/

  4. There is a small 2 sided pad in the case package I have just received. It looks like it would fit between the heat sink and the cpu chip but I am a little wary of using it for that purpose! wouldn’t be easy to remove the board if you did. Does anyone know of another use for it? Fine case though for the pi!

  5. The case looks great. I’m trying to find a case of this quality that I can use with this display (, I was wondering if you know of anything please? At first I thought I could mod this one by milling a slot for the tft but the heat sink is there.

    At the moment I use the model B with the Adafruit 2.8″ tft board and their tft enclosure case ( but I’m keen to move up to the B+. I need to make ~50 more off so I’m keen to minimise the amount of fettling I need to do :)

  6. There is now also this aluminum case that act as a heatsink for the Raspberry Pi:

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