Jul 292012
How to Make a Raspberry Pi disk image to SD card with win32diskimager

Why do I need to know how to write a raspberry pi disk image to SD card with win32diskimager? Even if you bought a ready-prepared SD card with your Raspberry Pi, sooner or later a newer, better version of the operating system (OS) will be released. Unless you know how to make a bootable SD card from the downloaded OS image file, you won’t be able to take advantage of the improvements (and believe me, there will be lots of them as time progresses). There have already been three versions of Debian since I got […more…]

Jul 242012
Neewer HDMI to VGA Adaptor warning

Several people, including me, have bought these… Neewer Black HDMI Input To VGA Adapter Converter For PC Laptop from Amazon and other places. I bought one to use in the school where I teach ICT 1/2 day per week and have only briefly tested it at home. Unfortunately it has come to light in the forums that these adaptors can be harmful to your Raspberry Pi hardware (click here). At least one person has reported that using one of these adaptors caused diode D1 to burn out. Subsequently it turns out that this Neewer device […more…]

Jul 222012
How to back up your Raspberry Pi SD card

Why bother backing up your SD card? There is some new information (September 2016) concerning Raspbian images and methods of SD card flashing that may be useful to you. How to flash an SD card with >4GB files I had a difficult time getting the new Raspbian image up and running. That wasn’t because there was anything wrong with it. It was because I am in an unusual position. I’m away from base without my normal Samsung HDTV/monitor, and without ethernet, so I’ve been running my Pi “headless” via ssh and VNC, using wifi. I’d […more…]

Jul 202012
Get_iplayer installation on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian

Installing Get_iplayer on Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi Update 15 November 2016 Installing latest Get_iplayer instructions here… https://raspi.tv/2016/get_iplayer-on-raspberry-pi-update-november-2016 Update 5 November 2014 Installing latest Get_iplayer instructions here… https://raspi.tv/2014/get_iplayer-raspberry-pi-update Update 23 Jan 2013 Installing Get_iplayer just got a whole lot easier. Now all you have to do is type… sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install get-iplayer ffmpeg atomicparsley libmp3-info-perl You may still find some of the following information useful. I’ll leave it there anyway. ;) Original post Following on from my original two postings on get_iplayer, (for Debian Squeeze & wheezy distros for the Raspberry Pi), […more…]