Nov 052014
Get_iplayer Raspberry Pi Update

Last week there was a great hoo-ha as the BBC announced changes to iPlayer and the way it will work, going forward. Basically they removed the RSS program indexing system, which was used by quite a few smart TVs and also 3rd-party apps like Get_iplayer. Although this doesn’t stop Get_iplayer from downloading a file if you know the correct PID, it did break the functionality of finding the PID automatically with Get_iplayer. It also broke the PVR (personal video recorder) functionality. But within a very short space of time there is a software patch. (I […more…]

Jun 212012
Get_iplayer installation on Raspberry Pi with Debian Wheezy Beta

Update 5 November 2014 Installing latest Get_iplayer instructions here… Installing Get_iplayer on Debian Wheezy Beta on the Raspberry Pi Following on from my original posting on get_iplayer, which was installed on the Debian Squeeze distro for the Raspberry Pi, this is a set of instructions for the Wheezy beta release. It’s quite a bit simplified because we don’t need to bother with installing rpi-update, since most of the needed firmware updates are now incorporated into the distro. :-D  That’s progress for you. Starting point assumptions. I’m assuming that you have an internet connected Raspberry […more…]

Jun 022012
Get_iplayer - full instructions for Raspberry Pi install from scratch

Update 5 November 2014 Installing latest Get_iplayer instructions here… Get_iplayer is an excellent program that allows you to download content streamed from the BBC’s iplayer server, to watch at a time convenient to you. What makes it excellent is that it is entirely under your control. There is no DRM or restrictions on the content you download. And you don’t need to have the iplayer app on your computer, which is a good thing because it won’t run on the Pi – no Flash. It’s an Open Source iPlayer client, that works on pretty […more…]