Sep 232012

Now we come to the motor controller testing for the Gertboard. This is my favourite part so far. The LEDs were cool, the relays, ADCs and DACs are bloomin’ useful and versatile (not videoed those yet), but the motor controller is just downright good fun. :)

I found a motor to use in a fairly weedy battery powered barbecue blaster I made a few years ago. It was the motor from an old hairdryer with the rectifier stripped out, glued to a contact lens solution bottle to make an electric ducted fan jet.

This part of the Gertboard definitely lights my fire. I now want to use it to have a remote controlled fan that I can control with my phone. By next summer, I’ll be ready. We have the technology…

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  1. Just to let you know… Featured this site and this post on my blog as the first post in a series of “Great Sites” –

    • Thanks Mike. I tried to leave a comment to say thanks on your blog, but blogger wanted me to sign up. I need to set up a RasPi.TV “online personality” for that sort of thing so I can keep it separate from my other stuff. Don’t want them all getting mixed up. Will do it later. Got several things to work on off the back of yesterday’s MK Jam. :-D

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