Oct 292013

While I was at the Raspberry Pi HQ in Cambridge last week, I thought it would be fun to shoot a little video of the new Pi NoIR camera using my RasPiCamcorder and some close-up lenses. It seemed like an unmissable opportunity.

It’s a rather short video, but you should see some people you’ll recognise in it.

I also tacked onto the end a quick comparison of daylight use of the Pi NoIR and RasPiCam. This shows why Sunny were a bit reluctant to release a version with no IR filter in case people tried to use it for daylight photography. Pi NoIR is not meant for that.

Enjoy the video…

Raspberry Pi camera shoots Pi NoIR at Raspberry Pi HQ.

  2 Responses to “Pi NoIR filmed by RasPiCamcorder at Raspberry Pi HQ”

  1. I thought the point of this camera was for nighttime shooting. That’s the demo I would have liked to see. Rats are out at night, and I want do see if they are under control, or still getting ready to eat my spring crop of oranges. I think adding lights would keep those sneaky buggers from coming out. They don’t like publicity you see. :)

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