Feb 162013

BBC Technology program Click just used a segment from the video I posted a couple of weeks ago on the model A release. It’s right in the middle of this 6 minute video. About 8 seconds starting around 4:28. It’s a real shame I was out yesterday afternoon when Liz was trying to get in touch – I could have given them a much nicer 1080i HD version. :(

Watch the whole 6 minutes though, it’s a good one about hackers, makers and Pi users.

  4 Responses to “RasPi.TV makes it onto BBC Click”

  1. You just made it onto BBC Click – the frowny face is _definitely_ not appropriate :p
    Congratulations!!! What with this and Adafruit on Friday too, what a week!

    • Cheers Mike. It’s just a shame. I could have given them a 1080 HD copy to work from and then it would have looked better. You know I’m fussy about photography :) Still delighted they wanted to use my stuff. If they want to use any more, I always shoot and do my first cut in HD (camera does 1080i) and then mix down to 854×480 for YouTube. So please get in touch :)

      But the fingers on my left hand are getting pretty famous now. :)

  2. Epic fail for the BBC around 4:30 as they spell Raspberry wrong ;-)

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