Oct 142014
Raspberry Pi Touch Survey

Google+ has recently launched a poll feature. I thought it’d be fun to see what people’s attitudes are towards touchscreens on the Raspberry Pi. So yesterday I started a little poll. If you’d like to add your voice, you can vote with your G+ account. If you don’t have a G+ account, feel free to leave a comment below.

(If the poll doesn’t appear embedded above, you can find it here.)

Early Results

At the time of posting, the results were…

Raspberry Pi Touch Survey

Raspberry Pi Touch Survey

So what do you think? Do you want touch on a Raspberry Pi screen, and if so, why? If not, why not? (Leave a comment if your answer isn’t catered for).

  9 Responses to “Do you want touch on a Raspberry Pi screen, and if so, why?”

  1. (No google+ account)
    Wow 101% at the moment……(yeah, I know about rounding)… :)
    Anyway, what this says to me, is 63% want a screen (with only around 10% of those, not willing to pay a bit extra). That’s approaching double the amount of people who don’t want one.
    Myself, I would very much have liked to see the HMDIPi with a full capacitive touch screen. I have many ideas (that will probably never come to light) that could use touch. Home automation is the one that probably will.

  2. Would be nice, but only if there is a virtual keyboard that can be used on the ‘bare’ command line (i.e. not in a terminal window)…

  3. Yes I’d love one…

    Touch is now included on many new laptops and desktop screens. I wouldn’t ever type using the screen (so still need a keyboard for most purposes), but a simple touch screen can make a big difference to certain applications.

    I think it’s useful to learn how to program with touch in mind as I expect it will be pretty much standard in future.

    • Yes. I can see the use for it if you’re going to write your own custom GUI, but the accuracy of mouse pointing in Linux is already not very good. Touch makes it even harder (at least it does via VNC using a Nexus 7). I think a lot of people don’t realise this. LXDE with touch might not be too much fun. Pinch to zoom may become a reality once Wayland hits the mainstream – we’ll see. But if people are expecting a satisfactory tablet experience, they may be in for an awakening.

      I consider those people who REALLY want touch to be the ones who answered “I have an application for it” and most others, I believe, “think they want it, but will likely be horribly disappointed with it”. I may be wrong though. :) Looking forward to finding out.

  4. I want to use RPi to replace my µC cards (with lcd 4×20 and keyboard 12 pads) in an embedded pro equipment… So I need it with touch screen

  5. have an application or two- dedicated controllers could be really big users as they often need simple commands or adjustments of parameters and getting rid of knobs and switches would be a real cost saver- yes, would pay extra for that capability

  6. I have an application for it, currently at prototyping stage. Initial testing is being done with an arduino-based 3.5″. Looking at options for small production runs of the technology once it’s competed

  7. Cant stand touch screens, am a hypocrite cos I have both an iphone and a galaxy tab. Dont feel the need for one on my pi though! Answer for me is NO Thank You!

  8. I’d love one and can think of a few applications for it. And of course, I’m willing to pay extra for it.

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