Mar 012014

I spent Thursday and Friday of this week at the Manchester Raspberry Jamboree. It was a very large event combined with the Education Innovation conference. I went there with the intention of meeting and talking to people.

I so often get involved in giving talks or workshops and ‘show and tells’, that I often miss the chance to meet and talk to as many people as I would like to. (Forget to enjoy it?)

I Still Took Too Much Stuff

Although I did take “far too much stuff” as usual (I thought people would like to see HDMIPi, and they did), I did spend most of the time meeting people. I also enjoyed this, which was comforting, because after 17 years of working for myself and hiding in my office at home, I was beginning to think I had sociopathic tendencies. ;) But no. I spent time with people, and I enjoyed it immensely. I think this was helped in large measure by the fact that “Raspberry Pi people” are superbly nice people. I think the Raspberry Pi Foundation leads by example in this regard, and people naturally copy what they aspire to.

I didn’t really do the “roving reporter” thing. But I did tweet some photos from the Pi using my twitter app. Obviously, I had prepared a Jamboree graphic overlay too…

Group photo Matthew Timmons-Brown, Ryan Walmsley, Martin O’Hanlon, Charlotte Godley

Dave Honess, Gordon Henderson, Mike Cook, Ben Nuttall, Simon Walters, Jack Kelly

Alex Bradbury, Amy Mather, Aaron Shaw, Charlotte Godley & Spencer Organ (@mruktechreviews)

Birthday Party

After the Jamboree there was a party to celebrate the Raspberry Pi’s second birthday. This was brilliant fun and really well done. Thank you Lisa Mather for running this.

Apart from that, and talking to loads of new people (and old), at the Raspberry Pi 2nd Birthday party, I decided to grab some video of as many ‘prominent Pi people’ as possible. Sorry if I missed you.

As with all videos like this, it didn’t take long to shoot, but it took several hours to edit. Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Godley Spencer Organ made me laugh :-)

    If I remember correctly it was Jack Kelly too. Although lots of names and introductions those two days, so could be completely wrong.

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