Mar 212014

The day has finally arrived for me to launch my first three products in the RasPiO® range. What’s RasPiO®? I hear you ask? It’s a family of add-on boards for the Raspberry Pi®. It’s pronounced “Razz-Pie-Oh” (emphasis on Pi) and is derived from the fact that the boards will mostly be I/O (input-output) boards for the Raspberry Pi.

We’re starting small and simple, and will grow in size and complexity with time. I spent most of last summer designing PCBs. It takes a frustratingly long time to bring things to market. But that’s another story, for another day. Today we’re launching the…

  1. RasPiO® port labels board
  2. RasPiO® Breakout
  3. RasPiO® Breakout Pro
RasPiO® Port labels, RasPiO® Breakout & RasPiO® Breakout Pro

RasPiO® Port labels, RasPiO® Breakout & RasPiO® Breakout Pro

Here’s a Video Explaining the Boards

What are they?

RasPiO® port labels board

A simple port labels board with large, clear labels, with GPIO numbers on one side and Alt functions on the other. It also makes an attractive key-fob.








RasPiO® Breakout

A Breakout board with large clear labels, that breaks out each port twice, giving you the opportunity to connect either male or female wires to any port. It also allows you to detach the Pi from your project without ruining all the wiring.

RasPiO® Breakout on the Pi

RasPiO® Breakout on the Pi

RasPiO® Breakout Pro

RasPiO® Breakout pro does everything RasPiO® Breakout can do, but also has protection circuitry on every port, to help protect your Pi from wiring errors.

RasPiO Breakout Pro protection circuitry

RasPiO® Breakout Pro protection circuitry

Where Can I Buy Them?

Over at the RasP.iO website

Further Information

For full information on any of the three products, click a link below. There are some more videos on the RasPiO® Breakout Pro page.

  1. RasPiO® port labels board
  2. RasPiO® Breakout
  3. RasPiO® Breakout Pro

RasPiO® is a trademark of Alex Eames
Raspberry Pi® is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation

  21 Responses to “Launching the RasPiO product range – first three boards”

  1. very good work

  2. Do these come with the pin headers or do you have to buy them yourself?

  3. Neat little boards, and for a fair price too. For some reason the Cyntech pages are linking to “” which is obviously an incorrect URL!

    To save on postage costs, will these be available at the next Cambridge Jam? :)

  4. for two breakout board (10£) the shipping cost is 13£ for shipping in canada….

    I often buy from ebay uk, shipping is more reasonable
    got cold feet when I saw the shipping cost…

    • I can understand that. Cyntech have a US branch. They don’t have stock yet, but when they do, I think you’ll find shipping from there will be more keenly priced for those of you on that side of the Atlantic. :)

      • thank you for getting back to me so fast. Maybe cyntech should recheck what king of deal they got from their shipping cie…
        as a comparison:
        for two pi case plus camera mount(20USD), it cost me 9USD shipping via royal air mail on modmypi..
        meanwhile I will monitor their website.

        cant wait to get my hdmipi :-)

        ben aka

  5. When will the US storefront have these ? I found the label board on adafruit but didn’t want to pay $10 shipping for a $3 board :-(

    • To be honest, I don’t know. Hopefully soon. Adafruit aren’t stocking these at the moment, but I have asked them if they’d like to. It must have been another product you saw there.

  6. Hi Alex,
    I finally got around to soldering up my RasPiO Breakout Pro. I spent some time practicing the soldering ( I haven’t done any for nearly 30 years!) and with the help of a 3rd Hand with Magnifiing Glass I got on fine. Here’s some links to photos I took along the way:

    Getting prepared with shinny new soldering iron!:

    Practice soldering, (there were many!) but here’s the first wires at top and final ones at bottom:

    3rd Hand but more importantly 3rd eye!:

    The final assembly:

    Thanks for an excellent product, I’m sure there is much more enjoyment to come!

  7. Do you have a distributor in the US?

  8. what are the requirements?

  9. One thing. I have seen a number of pin identifiers now. For the B and previous to the B+ the board should either have more holes or be cut off so the B+ pinout can be accommodated. I used a saw.

    The other thing I have seen is slip on breakout boards and serial boards that take the serial pins away from the HAT space. (Using compression fit like backplanes.) No criticism just observation of the space for these items.

    Regards John

    • These were all launched a year ago before the B+ was even known about. There is a new port label for the B+ (July 2014) and will soon be one with Pi2 and A+ on it with an improved silk-screen.

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