Nov 302015
Raspberry Pi Zero - Pi Family Photo

With each new release of Raspberry Pi, I usually do a new family photo. It’s getting harder and harder to fit them all ‘on the sofa’ and get them all smiling. The way I’ve always done it is “all in one shot”. I may change this for future versions in order to get more definition. We’ll see. (As usual, more ideas than implementation time.)

I am very happy for people to use this photo if they wish to do so provided the RasPi.TV credit stays intact. I make it available at 1500px resolution as CC-BY-SA. You can click the photo to enlarge it to 1500px width. If you need the highest resolution for a commercial project, contact me at (alex AT and we’ll work something out.

Raspberry Pi Zero - Pi Family Photo

Raspberry Pi Zero – Pi Family Photo CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

Apart from the Blue Pi, which was an RS limited edition, it’s really only the mainstream Pis in the shot. No alphas, betas or pre-production models. I do have a couple of such collectables, but sadly not an alpha. I still don’t have one of the original batch of 10,000 – you know – the ones we all got up early on 29th Feb 2012 to DDOS RS and Farnell for? If you have one of those that you’d like to sell or swap, I’d be happy to hear from you. You would have received it probably during April 2012. If you got it after May it wasn’t in the first 10k.

Enjoy the Pi Family get-together.

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  1. I guess the CM and the Zero are the “babies” in the family portrait ;-) Well done for getting them to sit still long enough!

  2. “I may change this for future versions”…he knows something ;)

    • Yeah. Are you ready to hear about it? ;p

      The next Pi, coming out tomorrow (Matt’s been busy today) is 3ft x 3ft and has 27 MCP23017 chips giving a huge number of GPIO ports (I can’t be bothered to multiply 27 x 16 and add it to 26 – YOU do it!) So there’s no way I could get all the old ones in shot as well as that without buying an expensive wide-angle lens or sending them all up with the Astro Pi to get far enough away (that’s the real reason for the mission after all).

      Jesting aside, it’s mainly because the camera now needs to be much further away than when there were just a few Pis in order to get them all in shot and that means we’re losing some resolution. I have ‘secret plans and clever tricks’ ideas as to how I might tackle that for the next one whenever that may be (and I don’t really know – and even if I did know I wouldn’t be able to tell you).

      • …and if you did just do a “manual montage” of individual-Pi photos, the next time a new Pi is released* then you’d just need to take one more individual-Pi photo**, and add it to the manual montage. A bit like splitting a massive Python project up into separate .py files ;-)
        Saves you having to buy a bigger sofa!

        * if and when that happens.
        ** which you’d be doing anyway.

        • Yep. That’s pretty much the idea. Will have to see if it can be done easily and reproducibly so everything matches (settings, lighting, distance, perspective etc.) It sounds straightforward, but in reality might not be as easy as you’d think. But it would be nice to be able to read the text on the chips on all the Pis in the shot. :)

  3. Camera and Noir Camera? Display?

  4. How would one know if they have one of the original batch of 10,000? I’ve got one which I know is an early one – but I’m not sure how early it is (it was ordered by and belonged to a friend). The markings on the PCB certainly don’t match up with any of the boards in the picture, but I’m not sure if that means anything.

  5. We need a new picture with the Pi3 now being sold.

  6. Anyone know where to find a red model B Rev 2 (Chinese) version?

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