May 242016

Exciting news today. I’ve just launched a new KickStarter project for a Pi Zero sized analog board. I’ve called it the RasPiO Analog Zero. It works with GPIO Zero and is very easy to use. Here’s what it looks like…

RasPiO Analog Zero

RasPiO Analog Zero

…and here’s the KickStarter video showing some of the things you could use it for…

If you like the look of it, please come and back us on KickStarter.

  7 Responses to “RasPiO Analog Zero – an 8-channel zero-sized board for Raspberry Pi”

  1. With the way the funding figure is shooting up (nearly 250% already!), I wonder what it’ll get to by the end of the campaign-week?
    I hope you’re able to get hold of enough MCP3008 chips ;-)

  2. Does it make for a simpler version of analog inputs than the RasPiO?

    • Yes, with the Raspio Duino you have to write two pieces of code – one for the microcontroller to read the analog values and send them over the serial link, and one for the Pi that reads the values sent over the serial link. With the Raspio Analog Zero there’s one less piece of code to write, and GpioZero actually makes it really easy – have a look at the 4-line example posted on the kickstarter campaign page.

  3. HOW DO YOU MAKE THE VIDEO BIGGER THAN 160X120?!?!?…..hehe….;)

  4. Hi Alex
    Boards and all the extra goodies just arrived. Well done on a fast turn around of a kickstart project.

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