Apr 202016
Zero4U 4 port USB hub for Pi Zero

Shawn from UUGear sent me one of their new Zero4U 4-port USB hubs for the Pi Zero to review.

It works well, looks nice and is extremely well priced. This is a video review…

Where Can I Buy One?

From the UUGear website for around £6/$8.50/€7.50

  13 Responses to “Zero4U – a new 4-port USB Hub For Raspberry Pi Zero from UUGear”

  1. A nice product indeed!

  2. Great price indeed – makes me doubly glad I didn’t back https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diableco/usb-shoe-rpi-zero-hub-without-wires-and-no-solder/description which even at the time I thought was overpriced.

  3. Can you use the Zero’s USB port while this hub is tapped into it? Seems like you shouldn’t be able to.

    • I think not because it would be competing with the hub chip. It would be like trying to use a Y-cable to plug two things into one port

  4. What’s the LiPo port for? What about the micro/mini(can’t really see what it is) USB? Can power be plugged into the hub and then the hub power the PI?

    • It’s not a lipo port, although those connectors are used on a lot of lipos. It’s a power port for 5V in, which can be used to power the Pi Zero as well or to power the hub if used “off-pi”. The mini-USB port is a downstream port enabling you to connect it to any USB port and use the hub “off-pi” or even with any other computer.

      • Oh, ok, thank you. So a LiPo could probably be used if it goes thru an Adafruit powerboost1000c first :)..(depending on what all is connected to the hub and if the 1000c can provide enough power for all of it)..then I guess one could make the choice regarding wiring directly to the 5v port or thru USB. Direct wiring would keep the entire package smaller though.

  5. Can you use it with the mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth dongle and USB camera in the same time all together?

  6. Hubpixed was launched much earlier than this one. It also has cut out in the 40 Pin area. Hubpixed still continues to be cheaper than this one. Search for hubpixed.

    • Maybe you should send Alex a Hubpixed for review then? (Vikas Shukla is the creator of the hubpixed)
      At least in the UK, the Zero4U seems to much more widely available than the Hubpixed.

      • He’s only been in touch with me twice. Once to claim that the world ripped him off and we should only give coverage to the ‘original’ (why? Did he invent the POGO pin?) when we’d never even heard of it. This was over on the YouTube video comments.

        I’ve never received an offer of a sample. But with the way he’s going about it, I’m not surprised people prefer to deal with Shawn from UUGear.

        The world doesn’t owe anyone success. You have to build relationships to make it happen. Leaving negative comments on people’s YouTube videos and blogs is not the way to get them to want to help you. Just sayin’

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