Nov 052012

Download Python Gertboard Programs ocol – Open Collector – Darlington Array Relay Driver I’ve managed to get the open collector ocol program written in Python. The ocol program drives the Darlington Array on the Gertboard. This can be used to switch up to 6 relays, each on a separate GPIO port. I’ve managed to write versions for both wiringpi for python ( and RPi.GPIO ( They are both included in the download link, which will always contain the most up to date versions. Here’s a comparison video of Gert’s ocol program running first, then my […more…]

Oct 012012
Raspberry Jam at Milton Keynes - National Museum of Computing - Gertboard Demo Rig

Yesterday I went to my first Raspberry Jam – a get-together of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. This one was in Milton Keynes at the National Museum of Computing. It happened to be run by Peter Onion, who I already knew from the world of aeromodelling. So it was a no-brainer for me to go to… meet an old friend (he’s not that old) visit a museum of computers get to talk to people about the Raspberry Pi and Gertboard and demonstrate them see what other people are doing with the Pi (nobody else had a Gertboard […more…]

Sep 212012

Now I’ve got my Gertboard assembled, I thought I’d run some of the programs Gert supplied for testing and learning. First up LEDs. Delighted to say it worked a treat, so i thought I’d bring you a world premiere of the first blogged video of a Gertboard (sold to the public) in action. LEDs, camera, action… …and cut. Short and sweet. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t have enough jumpers and straps to make use of the last two LEDs on the board. I’ll be putting the rest of the board through its paces soon.