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Raspberry Pi Family Photo Feb 28th 2017

This week the new Pi Zero W was launched. A few weeks ago the new compute Module 3 was launched. It’s the Pi birthday party tomorrow. This can only mean one thing. It’s time for a new Pi family photo.

I had an interesting exchange with a publisher this week who wanted to use the November family photo in a book. They made me an offer. I added some terms. A contract was then sent to me, which absolutely didn’t reflect my terms and was very biased towards them. Under advice I declined it. So that’s not happening, but they were greedy. I was a bit rude, but it was last night after a fairly adrenaline-packed day (in case you don’t know, I launched a KickStarter which funded in 8.63 hours WOOT!). No time for dealing with plonkers in that state. If you are a creator, DO NOT ACCEPT CRAP CONTRACTS FROM PUBLISHERS. TELL THEM TO GO SWING!

I make this photo available to the world at this resolution under CC-BY-NC-SA4 The only stipulation is that the RasPi.TV credit remains intact.

So here’s the photo, and you can click it for a 1500px version.

Raspberry Pi Family Photo Feb 28th 2017

Raspberry Pi Family Photo Feb 28th 2017

Oh and by the way – if you like what I do here at RasPi.TV, please come and check out my KickStarter. This is how RasPi.TV is funded…

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  1. Awesome, I always love seeing your Pi Phamily Photo uPdates ;-) Are the new babies behaving themselves?

  2. Alex please add my Pi3 Japanese version to your RPi Line-up pics :)

  3. It would be cool to see release dates in the description of them.

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