Sep 202012

Not much to say about this really. I found out that Tandy had these in stock so I ordered one on Tuesday evening, and it turned up this morning.

The Gertboard PCB

Here’s a shot of the whole kit, including, board, ribbon cable, sheet of contents and the components packed in assembly order, heat-sealed in a plastic sleeve. Good idea that! :)

The Tandy Gertboard kit

Looks nice. Well done Tandy. I’ll get it built when I find a slot of time. :)

According to a post in the Raspberry Pi forums, Tandy has bought the boards from Farnell and made up the kits themselves, which has enabled them toget a slight jump on Farnell, who are due to start shipping towards the end of September. I ordered one from Farnell on 8th August – the day they were announced.

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