Jul 032013

I’d like to introduce a new Raspberry Pi related Google Plus community. It’s called RasPi Videos and it’s for sharing and discussing videos about the Raspberry Pi.

It’s very small at the moment – there’s just 10 of us at the time of publication, but amongst those 10 we’ve got some fabulous Raspberry Pi bloggers and vloggers…


  • Matthew ManningRaspberry Pi Beginners. A top Raspberry Pi vlogger.
  • Carrie Anne PhilbinGeek Gurl Diaries. Teacher extraordinaire, vlogger and blogger, champion of getting more girls into coding. (This is much needed! If you could see my YouTube demographics, you’d know my audience is very heavily biased towards males.)
  • Matt HawkinsRaspberry Pi Spy. A top Raspberry Pi blogger. (He cuts a mean video too – I’ve seen your fabulous animation Matt.)
  • Martin O’Hanlon<Stuff about=”code” /> A top Pi blogger and Manic Minecrafter
  • Alex EamesRasPi.TV I’ve also been known to blog and vlog about the Raspberry Pi from time to time. ;)

I don’t ‘know’ the other five members yet, but I hope we can all get to know each other as we watch and discuss Raspberry Pi videos together.

So, if that sounds interesting to you, come and join us* at RasPi Videos on Google+ Also please tweet, like, +1, share and tell all your Pi friends about it.

* RasPi Videos is a public community with no restrictions on membership, but it is moderated.

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