Nov 112013

The HDMIPi KickStarter campaign continues. We still have 19 days to run and there’s one more KS Pi record within reach. BrickPi had 1,702 backers. We currently have 1,627 backers at the time of starting to write this. With 19 days still left, you’d have to think it’s quite reachable.

If we can raise another £10,000, we’ll have doubled the previous record amount for a Raspberry Pi KickStarter project (previously held by BrickPi).

Neither of these are why we “did” HDMIPi, though, and we’ve already exceeded our expectations. Records are nice, but not important. We want there to be an affordable Hi-Def HDMI screen out there on the market. And now, there’s going to be one.

Obviously, with me being quite a well-known big-mouth blogger in Raspberry Pi circles, and with HDMIPi being designed for and aimed at Pi users, we’ve had quite good reach into the Pi community.

HDMIPi can be used with DSLRs

But the HDMIPi screen has applications wider than just the Raspberry Pi. One of these is use with Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLRs). So, to show those guys that HDMIPi can be of use to them as well, I’ve put together a ‘quick and dirty’ RasPi.TV-style demo of using HDMIPi with my Nikon D90, which has a mini-HDMI socket. Theoretically, any camera with an HDMI connection should be able to us HDMIPi as a low cost screen (no Pi needed).

Please feel free to point your camera-toting buddies in the direction of the video or the HDMIPi KickStarter campaign itself

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  1. Is the screen plugged into the camera direct via hdmi or is the raspberry pi still involved in someway?


  2. Once you’ve got a suitable battery hooked up to the HDMIPi screen, it’s what photographers and videographers call a “field monitor” isn’t it?

    Looks like you’re almost at 300% funding!

    • Seems a bit of a waste of a nice screen to use it for monitoring fields though ;p

      300% is indeed looming. We took out BrickPi’s 1702 backers record in the small hours this morning and doubled their funding record about 9am this morning. Still >2 weeks to go as well. Although the pace has slowed considerably, another bout of media attention and it could take off again.

  3. I can’t wait to get my hands on HDMIPI. Our intention is to use as a field monitor for use with our Canon C-300, Sony EX3 and FS700.

    Just need to investigate NP battery to power the unit. That would be awesome.


    • How many volts do the standard video batteries have? I’m sure an adaptor lead can be made. I’ve tested the screen on 5V and it seems to work fine. The nice thing is, with a reg on the board it can take anything up to 15V in and seems to work OK down to 5V. I haven’t gone any further down than that.

      Realising that a slightly different case might appeal more to the DSLR/Video people. Bit too much all at once, but we can perhaps address that a bit later.

  4. I am interested to know how the Pi would work as a dslr controller, would it work with DslrDashboard or ContolMyNikon?

    The other question is using an external power source, would a Sony F970/F550 battery and a Sony F970/F550 Battery Plate for w/ Dc Cable work?

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