Nov 132013

Connecting HDMIPi to your phone via MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) and HDMI is probably not what most people are backing HDMIPi for, but at least one person has asked me about it. He’s a mobile app developer who wants to work on a larger screen.

It just so happens that I’m one of those ‘nutters’ who likes to buy adaptors to make things connect to each other – whether I need them to or not. I just like to do it “because it can be done”. So, shortly after I found out that my Samsung Galaxy S2 had MHL capability, I bought an MHL adaptor. This lets you break out HDMI through the USB port of your phone (if your phone has this facility).

I’ve used my MHL adaptor a few times to view videos I’ve filmed with the phone, straight from the phone, on a large TV.

Does HDMIPI work with a phone & MHL then?

Yes. When asked if it worked with HDMIPi, I’d already tested it. I plugged in every HDMI device I had, to check compatibility. HDMIPi works really well with a phone plugged into it via an MHL adaptor. Here’s a little video to show you what I mean.

HDMIPI being used with a phone

Here’s a link to the HDMIPi KickStarter campaign

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  1. Nice demo, looks very good.

    I did not hear any sound, and that would be nice from a phone playing a video ;)


  2. Very nice development. Did you consider the possibility to add, as an option, a touch screen digitizer?

    Best regards, massimo

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