Nov 172013
Sonic Pi HDMIPi

A few weeks ago I blogged about the flight of the bumblebee on Sonic Pi, but didn’t get a video done at the time because the GPU on my computer was playing up. I later reflowed it with my paint-stripper heat gun and it’s working pretty well now. (Jason “boeeerb” Barnett explained how to do it in about 3 tweets on twitter.)

I thought now was the time to kill two birds with one stone and show you Sonic Pi flight of the bumblebee in video, whilst simultaneously demonstrating the HDMIPi V1 prototype (with sound) in use with the Raspberry Pi itself. The sound is a bit crackly. That’s due to the Sonic Pi software, not the HDMIPi hardware. (It plays the Big Buck Bunny sound perfectly.)

If you like the look of the HDMIPi screen, the KickStarter campaign runs until the end of November 2013. You can find it here

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  1. That looks and sounds very good!

  2. […] at delivering. Tomek picked it up the other day and was flicking through it. He’d heard the Flight of the Bumblebee demo I did with Sonic Pi, a while back, and fancied a go at Sonic Pi […]

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