Jul 222013

This is a video review/tutorial of the ISO-TECH IPS 3303D DC bench power supply from RS components.

It has 2 variable outputs (30V, 3 Amps) which can be connected in series or in parallel to double up the voltage/current.

It also has one fixed output with three settings (2.5V/3.3V/5V – up to 3 Amps). I used it on 5V to power a RasPiCamcorder while I filmed this video.

You can also control it with a computer via USB, but I haven’t tried that (yet).

But this is meant to be a video review, so that’s enough text from me…

If you want the bottom line, it’s a very nice, easy and intuitive to use power supply aimed at the serious hobbyist/professional market. You may need “budgetary approval” though, as it’s £375 + VAT. Data sheet available here.

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  1. Very comprehensive review Alex, but way out of my price range ;-)
    I guess if you set one of the variable output channels to 5V and then plugged in the Pi (rather than connecting it to the fixed output channel), it’d show you (in realtime) how much current the Pi is drawing?
    And presumably the flickering lights on the buttons is just an artefact of the video, and not visible in real life?

    • Yes, it would show the current draw on the Pi if you did that. Once you knew what “normal” current draw was, you could use the current limiting on the PSU to help avoid a fry-up if you shorted something.

      And yes the flickering leds is a video artefact. They look “always on” to my eyes in real life. They’re probably PWMed, but well above the threshold of my eyes to perceive it.

  2. […] I did a similar thing for the B+, I used my trusty eMeter. But this time I used it inline with an ISO-TECH IPS 3303D bench power supply (at 5.2V) to corroborate the […]

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