Aug 122013

Paolo at RS Components sent me over this set of SMT cutters and pliers to play with and review.

SMT Cutters and Pliers set RS 663.049

I’m not going to write much here, as it’s a video review, but the cutters are sharp and cut very nicely. If you work on stripboard or circuit boards, having a good set of cutters will make life easier for you. See them in action in the video. I should add that the close-up shots in this video were done with my RasPiCamcorder 2.

Link to product page here.

  2 Responses to “Video Review of surface mount (SMT) cutters set”

  1. “Hello, this is Alex Eames from” ;-)
    Interesting video, but the price at the end was a bit surprising, clearly aimed at professionals rather than hobbyists.

    • Well a good pair of snippers will cost you about £20. They are a bit expensive, but they’re very nice and really useful for some of the stuff I’ve been doing recently. They are aimed at professionals and enthusiastic hobbyists.

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