Feb 112014

There was a Raspberry Jam in Cambridge on Saturday. I went along to help Carrie-Anne Philbin at the Sonic Pi workshop. I also took the two HDMIPi prototypes to display.

Because I’ve been doing a series on making a Twitter App on the Pi, I decided that it’d be fun to use it to tweet some photos live from the event. So, armed with a pre-tested script and the wifi login details, I set it up. And I have to say it worked quite well in the quieter moments when there weren’t millions of people crowding around. (I exaggerate, but it was quite busy.) I did manage to get some usable photos of people though. I’m in most of them because I was showing them where to stand.

I Forgot to Enter Names as Tweet Text

Of course, in the heat of the moment, I completely forgot that I had written the script so names, or other tweet text, could be input as command line arguments. (But I did have some default text in the program.) So I’ve had to add names afterwards.

Other people have blogged really good write-ups of the Jam…

Matt Hawkins
Clare Macrae
Charlotte Godley
And the official write-up by Mike Horne with all the talk videos embedded

…I won’t attempt to replicate that here. I’ll merely show you my ‘live tweet’ photos, all done on a Pi, with a Pi camera, of various well-known Raspberry Pi personalities. Sadly, a lot of people, including Mike, Tim, and the two Matts and Gert did not get ‘snapped’. But a few did, and here they are…

Alex Eames (@RasPiTV) and David “@Whaleygeek” Whale

Alex Eames (@RasPiTV) and Phil “@Gadgetoid” Howard

Alex Eames (@RasPiTV) and Ben Nuttall (@ben_nuttall)

Craig “Minecraft Book” Richardson (@CraigArgh) and Charlotte “@Charwarz” Godley

In my next blog post, in a few days, I’ll be publishing the guts of the Python script I used to do this as part 5 of the ‘build a twitter app on the Pi’ series.

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  1. I apologize in advance for posting something a bit off topic, but… a project I’d love to see is using multiple RasPi+Raspi camera set up to capture images at same time, with some sort of code in the image (ideally in EXIF) so the multiple images can later be sorted together.

    The use case is as follows: I’d like a small array of 2 or more Raspi+cameras mounted so the images overlap an ideal amount for being stiched together later smoothly. I think one want about a 20 percent image overlap.

    In my dream thre (3) systems could capture a nice clean 180 degree view, or maybe a little less, or a bit more. Actually, for me, I’d like to arrange so the cameras are shooting “prortrait” so there is also very wide coverage vertically.

    The three independent cameras would be tied together such that one RaspI acts as master, and “tells” the other Raspi/camera modules when to capture images and what data to use as unique ID. That could be done a few ways, with ethernet and a small Ethernet hub being especially easy. But it could be (a few things).

    If anybody is interested please contact me. I can set up a wiki or whatever. my on-line calling card is ronkjeffries.pen.io

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