Mar 092015
Pete Lomas RasPi.TV interview

At the Raspberry Pi 3rd Birthday weekend, I met Pete Lomas for the first time. Pete is a Founding Trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation (in his spare time). For his day job, he’s Director of Engineering at Norcott Technologies.

Pete has been involved in the Raspberry Pi story since very near the beginning. He designed the original model B & A production PCB. I had a chance to have a chat with him on day 2 of the Raspberry Pi birthday celebrations. If you’re a Pi geek or interested in how it all happened, you’ll find this video interesting. I really enjoyed talking to Pete. Hope you enjoy the (30 minute) video…

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  1. […] Pete Lomas designed the original Raspberry Pi model B and A circuit boards and is a lovely chap. He gave a great talk at the Big Birthday Weekend and Alex Eames was lucky enough to get to speak to him on the Sunday and talk about the history of the Pi and his experiences. Watch the video here. […]

  2. Wonderful interview, thanks so much for sharing – keep up the good work!

  3. how would any PI do out in a Kelvin degree temperature(outer space)? just curious using this as a scientific element….has anyone viewed/confirmed these capabilities?!?!?maybe a “Launch” should be a new vine/branch of investigation?!?!? Any thoughts, post back please.(pbp)

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