Oct 222015
RasPiO GPIO Ruler

You may remember I ran a KickStarter campaign in August for the RasPiO® GPIO Ruler. The KickStarter rewards were all sent out in the first week of October. (We finished shipping 3 weeks early.) So now it’s time to launch the product officially and make it available to all on general sale. If you missed out on the KickStarter, now you can buy one. In case you haven’t seen it before, this is what it looks like…

RasPiO GPIO Ruler - Production boards

RasPiO GPIO Ruler – Production boards (click to enlarge)

What Is The RasPiO® GPIO Ruler?

It’s a coding crib-sheet for RPi.GPIO, a port ID guide, a multi-scale ruler and a musical instrument. OK. I’m not going to claim it’s a musical instrument, although you can play tunes on it with a little twanging practice.

The 1 minute video gives a fairly good overview of what you can use it for…

Where Can I Order RasPiO® GPIO Ruler?

Ordinarily, you’d buy it here, but for the time being you can get one right on this page, right now using any credit/debit card or Paypal account.
It costs £4 + £1.50 global shipping. No hidden surprises. What you see is what you pay including global delivery. £5.50 delivered for one (lower unit prices for 2, 5, 10 or 30)…

RasPiO® GPIO Ruler including global shipping

RasPiO® GPIO Ruler will shortly be available from other resellers as well, when we get a bit more stock in. It makes an ideal present for budding programmers, Pi nutters and GPIO hackers alike.

RasPiO GPIO Ruler with Pi_1500

RasPiO GPIO Ruler with Pi

  8 Responses to “RasPiO GPIO Ruler goes on general sale”

  1. Will there be a GPIO-Zero version? ;-)

  2. Just recieved my ruler in the mail. It’s great! One thing that could be changed is moving the measurement scales to the extreme edges of the ruler. That little gap on the sides before the scales start can be frustrating! Thanks!

    • A few people have suggested that, and it is a nice idea, but technically it would then be a rule and not a ruler. It would also be a bit harder to manufacture accurately.

      • Ahhh! I never knew that “rule” and “ruler” are actually different things, and not just a pronunciation thing. Learn something new every day :)

  3. I received mine and they are great ! i was suprised by the quality, it’s really good ! You could consider to position the tekst on the back side, the other way around. If you flip over the ruler to use the back side, the tekst is upside down and you need to rotate the ruler.

    • Thank you. It depends how you flip it. If you flip horizontally, yes, if vertically, no. But it’s a lot more trouble than it’s worth to change it, and to me it would be the ‘wrong’ way round. :)

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