Nov 232016
Raspberry Pi Family Photo CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

Since the February 2016 launch of the Raspberry Pi 3B there have been three new Pi released. They’re not major revisions, but they are different. Around May the A+ got a 512 MB memory upgrade. I pre-ordered one immediately and it materialised at the end of August. But that alone didn’t warrant a new family photo.

Also in May the new Pi Zero 1.3 with camera port was released.

But it was last week’s arrival of the new Pi2B 1.2 with BCM2837 processor that made me decide it was time to get the camera out. I was wondering when to schedule it for publication, when I saw this…

…so right now seemed like the perfect time for a family photo, celebrating 11 million Pi sales. You can click on the image for a 1500px version. This photo is released on a CC-BY-SA 4 license, with the only condition being that the RasPi.TV credit stays intact. Other than that it may be used freely. If anyone needs a higher resolution version for commercial purposes, get in touch (alex AT and we’ll work something out.

Raspberry Pi Family Photo CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

Raspberry Pi Family Photo CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

The small numbers are the board ID numbers as reported by
cat /proc/cpuinfo

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  1. Very nice! How long until you need to build a bigger garage to cope with your growing collection? :-D

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