Mar 042016
Raspberry Pi Family Photo CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

It’s become a bit of a new model launch tradition now that I release a new “Pi family photo” with all the main revisions of Raspberry Pi in it. I’ve done things a little differently from last time in order to get a better resolution result.

As usual I make this 1500px version available to the world under a CC-BY-SA-4 licence with the only condition being that the RasPi.TV credit stays intact. Aside from that, it may be used as you wish.

I have ‘gone to town’ on this one slightly. Where previously I’d always done the whole group in ‘one shot’ there are now so many Pis in the family that it was getting hard to see detail. So, this time, I’ve shot them all individually and made a composite montage photo. The master .PSD file is 387MB and 120 Megapixels. The full-size .JPG is 50MB. Click to enlarge to 1500px…

Raspberry Pi Family Photo CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

Raspberry Pi Family Photo CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

If you need a higher resolution version for a commercial project, I’d be happy to negotiate terms.

I’ll be wearing this on my t-shirt at the Pi Birthday Party this week-end. It looks like this…

  6 Responses to “Raspberry Pi Family Photo updated to include Pi3B 29 Feb 2016”

  1. Terrific! I guess it’s much easier to get the Pis to sit still one at a time, rather than trying to get all 15 to sit still at once :-)

    Is the PCB of the 2B really that much darker than the others (mine doesn’t seem to be), or is it just a lighting artefact of that particular photo?

    See you tomorrow :)

  2. Nice collection you have there. Really like the A+ – a very cute model. Looking forward to when it gets the wifi chip.

  3. I am a huge fan of your picture ! Thanks !

  4. I guess the Family Portrait is still “missing” the updated PiZero ;-)

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