Jul 212016

You may remember this time last year I KickStarted a 6-inch ruler with the most important RPi.GPIO code on it. I’ve been using it myself an awful lot in the last year when coding.

So it won’t surprise you to learn that I’m now doing another one for GPIO Zero. Since GPIO Zero is about the easiest way imaginable to get into Python GPIO tinkering, I think this will be really helpful for people. I’ve already been using the prototypes and find them an extremely helpful reference.

Here’s what it looks like…

RasPiO GPIO Zero Ruler

RasPiO GPIO Zero Ruler (click to enlarge)

It’s twice as long as the previous one. It’s now 12 inches (30cm) because there is quite a lot to fit in.

Come And Have a Look

It has already reached funding target in a little over 4 hours, so will definitely be happening.
Please come along and back RasPiO GPIO Zero Ruler.
Shipping will start in September/October 2016.

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