RPi.GPIO Documentation and Tutorials

Here you’ll find an index of links to all the RasPi.TV RPi.GPIO tutorials.

RPi.GPIO Basics series

  1. How to check what RPi.GPIO version you have
  2. How to check what Raspberry Pi board Revision you have
  3. Finding Out Info about the Raspberry Pi you are using (RPi.GPIO 0.5.10 or higher)
  4. How to Exit GPIO programs cleanly, avoid warnings and protect your Pi
  5. Setting up RPi.GPIO, numbering systems and inputs
  6. Setting up and using outputs with RPi.GPIO
  7. Using inputs and outputs at the same time with RPi.GPIO, and pull-ups/pull-downs
  8. RPi.GPIO cheat sheet

RPi.GPIO more advanced

Interrupts (needs RPi.GPIO 0.5.2+)

Software PWM

From 0.5.2a onwards, RPi.GPIO has software PWM. Below are two links. One describes its basic usage and the other is a practical application for dimming LEDs and controlling motor speed.

Ben Croston’s official RPi.GPIO documentation can be found here

Other GPIO References

RasPi.TV’s RPi.GPIO Quick Reference

Matt Hawkins’ RPiRef Android App

RasPiO® GPIO Reference Aids

Our sister site RasPiO has three really useful reference products for Raspberry Pi GPIO work...

  1. Portsplus port ID board
  2. GPIO Ruler with RPi.GPIO code
  3. GPIO Zero Ruler with GPIO Zero code

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