Mar 272017
Sing a song of crowdfunding - a parody by Alex Eames

Here in the UK it’s Monday morning and yesterday the clocks ‘went forward’, so we’re now in British Summer Time. Everyone could use a bit of ‘good cheer’ on a Monday morning, so I’m releasing a short parody video that I hope you will find amusing.

Just Why?

Simple answer. For fun. It’s an experiment. I hope it will make you laugh and you’ll want to share it.
There’s quite a few geeky jokes buried in the lyrics, but it also tells a story.
It took me 8 full takes to get it. I kept messing up the hand movements.


The idea came to me last week. For some reason I was thinking about ‘four and twenty blackbirds’ and realised that I had 24 LEDs on the RasPiO InsPiRing ring and triangle shapes. ‘I could have some fun with this’ – I thought. So while I was waiting for my son to complete his gym workout, I got most of it written.

The idea here was to try and retain similarity to some of the original sounds (e.g. ‘When the pie was opened’ becomes ‘When SPI was opened’ because the APA102c LEDs use SPI).

Sing a song of crowdfunding, a pocket full of bling,
Four-and-twenty LEDs baked in a ring,
When SPI was opened the LEDs began to blink,
Wasn’t that an ideal way to make young coders think?

The ring was in the workshop showing us the time,
The pyramid was downstairs looking quite sublime,
Arduino, Pi or Wemos they all work just great,
So back Inspiring Kickstarter – next week you’ll be too late!

I waited until today to publish it because we have exactly one week left on the RasPiO InsPiRing Kickstarter. If I had published it earlier, the last line would not have been true. Now it is.

Please come and back the RasPiO InsPiRing Kickstarter. Next week, you’ll be too late!

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  1. Well annoying, leave it to Sinead or Madonna ;) One question… years ago in a nightclub in Helsinki I saw the first ‘in place’ subliminal messaging – a vertical row of LEDs about a foot high that flashed at such a frequency so that when the eye moved over it from left to right, it spelt out “ABSOLUTE VODKA” (the famous Scandy Vodka brand). When I spotted it, the whole place went quiet as one after another people stopped their boogying and looked at it – seeing consciously what they had never noticed before once it was pointed out to them. Now, it could be a coincidence, but I doubt it, in that the rear (red) lights on the Volvo V70 do exactly the same – only they show the McDonalds M in perfect shape when one scans the eye across them at night – each light being a ‘half’ of the logo. What do you know about such technology… using an LED (flashing or occulting) to forward subliminal messages? just as a matter if interest?

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