Oct 052017
PiJuice unboxing first look and why so late?

I’ve just received an early production PiJuice and two solar panels from Pi-Supply. It’s a loaner as there aren’t many of them in existence at the moment. In this video I take a first look at them and give my perspective on how/why it came to be so late.

The DIP switch is to change the charge profile, not the i2c address as I said in the video.

It all looks very nice so far. I will start “playing” with it today. I’ve got this to play with for a few more days. I’ll publish another video with my findings some time next week.

  9 Responses to “PiJuice – unboxing, first look and why it’s 2 years late?”

  1. 5.10.2017
    I am interested in the PiJuice and will be interested in your tests.

  2. Might be nice if you included a link where one can purchase the products.

  3. I would assume this will replace the WittyPi hat as well as supplying power to the unit?

  4. Where can we buy one?

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