Mar 162018
Raspberry Pi 3B plus Family Photo update

One of my other little launch week traditions for a new Pi launch is to update the Pi Family Photo. This time we’ve got three new members since a year ago when it was last updated for the Pi Zero W launch.

The aim of doing this is to maintain a record of pretty much all of the versions of the Raspberry Pi which could be purchased by the public. I do have some other rare ones which I don’t include because it seems a bit like gloating. Perhaps one day I’ll do a blog post about those (if I’m in need of a good gloat)?

So What’s New?

Some time in late 2016 or early 2017 a Japanese Pi3B, made and certified in Japan, came on the market. At last year’s Pi Party, my Japanese friend Masafumi Ohta showed me one and I bought it off him for the collection. (Had to be done really).

A few months ago, a mysterious blue Pi3B apeared on the scene. It turned out that this one was destined for the Brazilian market, but a few leaked out erroneously into the UK. Another friend, Ryan Walmsley snapped one up for me knowing that I am a collector.

Both of the above are functionally identical to the regular Pi3B we’ve come to know and love. In fact the Brazillian one is made in the SONY Pencoed factory and has the same ID number as the regular green Pi3B (which is probably why a box of them was erroneously delivered to a UK reseller).

And finally we have the brand new Raspberry Pi 3B+ which launched this week.

So here’s the updated photo, which I publish under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

This means you can do pretty much anything you like with it apart from use it for commercial purposes. If you want to do that, you can contact me and we’ll work something out. Enjoy the Pi Family Photo.

Raspberry Pi 3B plus Family Photo update

Raspberry Pi 3B plus Family Photo update

  38 Responses to “Raspberry Pi 3B Plus Family Photo Update March 2018”

  1. Zero WH? (runs and hides)

  2. The Zero WH may not be a new revision PCB, it does come in a different format with the header soldered on in the factory (neatly, not handsoldering!) and in a box instead of the flat package. So yea its a different Pi for me.

  3. Why there is a difference in Japanese and Brazilian’s RasPI?

    • I believe the differences are due to the fact that each country requires its own testing regime and certification and that the marks for this are on the product. Also the Japanese ones are made in Japan (by SONY). Making them a different colour is probably a matter of convenience for quick identification. (I’m guessing).

  4. Great work but where is the RPi Zero WH?


    • Still in the shop. I don’t have one

      • I appreciate your work. Send me a ship to address privately and I’ll see what I can do.

        • Thank you. That’s very kind. :)

          • Ah! If its free the WH will join the family photo!? ;)

            • It’s simple logic Hans. :) I didn’t see the need to buy one or include it in the photo. But since someone has offered to send one and several people have asked for it in the photo, I am OK to put it in. Personally, I still don’t think it’s a new edition of Pi, but it doesn’t really matter. It will go in the next family photo.

              If anyone has a CM3 Lite that they would like to swap for a CM3 full, I’d be happy to trade. I ordered one of each but was sent two of the full version. Since they both look identical from the top, I didn’t bother to do anything about it.

  5. I’d love to get a hold of a Japanese model. Any ideas on how I could get one?

  6. Traditions is what makes the UK great! So, the 3A+ has appeared and no new family photo yet :) ?

    • There will be one at some point Hans. If you check my blogging frequency over the last 6 months you’ll see it’s rather taken a back seat. I’ve had to focus on other things for a while, but I expect ‘normal service will be resumed shortly’ :)

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