Sep 292014

In my previous blog post I started a series on how to program a KickStarter tracker. That will continue soon. In the meantime, one of the KickStarter campaigns I’ve been tracking is for a nice little board called the ProtoCam. It’s a simple, but original, idea by Richard Saville, who blogs under the name of ‘AverageManVsRaspberryPi’. (His emphasis is on quality articles, often with complete ‘how-tos’ for specific things he’s learned to do.)

So he came up with this original idea for a prototyping board with space for a Pi camera on. You can put whatever LEDs, buttons, buzzers, microchips etc. that you want on the board and have the camera close by. It’s a simple idea, but he’s done it nicely. At the time of writing, the project needs a few hundred pounds more to reach its target.

ProtoCam board for Raspberry Pi

ProtoCam board for Raspberry Pi – a blank canvas for your camera project

If you think you could use a board like this, pop on over to Richard’s KickStarter and secure a ProtoCam for yourself.

Here’s a short video of some ideas I had for using it…

And here’s Richard’s KickStarter video…

And this KickTraq chart should show how it’s doing right now…

ProtoCam - The Raspberry Pi Camera Module Prototyping Board -- Kicktraq Mini

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  1. A nice idea, a nice board. 15 pounds is a bit too expensive for an experimenters card.

    • You make a fair point, but it’s £9 for the board. The rest is shipping. I got an early bird and live in the UK, so only paid £8 for mine :) I guess the fact that it’s made in the UK appeals more to UK dwellers too.

  2. […] ProtoCam – : Alex has a video showing how the board can work nicely with the Model B+. […]

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