Aug 032013

Jamie over at The Pi Hut sent me one of these little GPIO reference cards to evaluate.

Beautiful in its simplicity. I love the idea. It gives you a close at hand reference for the P1 GPIO header on the Pi, showing which pin is which GPIO port (and which aren’t).

Low Voltage Labs Pi GPIO Reference Card and keyring

It’s perfect for use with an uncased Pi, but stumbles a bit when used with cases – mind you, that’s an occupational hazard of cases. In any case, GPIO work is generally hindered. (Pun intended.)

With a case, pins are shortened a bit too much to get a wire to stay on properly :(

The above shot is my Toxic Pibow in “GPIO mode”. Basically the top half is removed to leave the base and enough layers to anchor it to the Pi.

Also a Keyring

With the extra large “mounting hole” you can use it as a geeky keyring tag as well.

It covers Rev 1 on one side and Rev 2 on the Rev-erse (Stop groaning at the back!) And it’s cleverly assymetric, so it can’t fit on the wrong way round which might induce you to connect to pin 25 GND instead of pin 2 5V (eek at the thought – even though it’s impossible!)

How much?

In the UK, they cost £2.99. You can pick one up from The Pi Hut

More photos

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