Jun 132014

I’m publishing this post just after we hit 2 million page views, which will be around 1600 on Friday 13th June 2014 (lucky for some).

It’s interesting this week that the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced sale of 3 million Pis. We can’t quite match that, but let’s have some fun with stats anyway…

3 Million Pis sold – announced this week
2 Million page views on RasPi.TV – reached today
1 Million minutes of video watched on the RasPi.TV YouTube channel – in the next couple of weeks
1 Million visitors to RasPi.TV blog (our average is very close to 2 page views per visitor)
0.5 Million YouTube views – in a couple of weeks
0.26 Million pounds raised on the HDMIPi kickstarter campaign
0.19 Million spam comments filtered out
0.1 Million words published on RasPi.TV blog

Humble Beginnings

I started RasPi.TV in June 2012 and was quite please to get nearly 5000 views in my first month. These days, it’s unusual to go below 3000 per day (often >4000). Back in the peak of the HDMIPi Kickstarter media coverage in November 2013, we had a server-stretching 11,982 in one day.

…which leads us into asking…

What of HDMIPi?

Well we also have some news about that. We’ve decided today that we’re freezing the driver board hardware design at rev 3, which I received on Wednesday, and going into production. So we hope to be able to ship within a few weeks (4-6).

Rev 3 HDMIPi driver board

Rev 3 HDMIPi driver board

We’ve also got a rev 3 case from Pimoroni, which is very close to final.

HDMIPi rev 3 case

HDMIPi rev 3 case

So it’s exciting times over here at the moment. If you want to see the full HDMIPi update, it’s here.

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  1. Congrats on hitting the big 2 million! Onto the even bigger 3!

  2. That case is nice, is that the electric blue?
    I might have to order my second HDMIPi in that colour ;)

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