Feb 252015

Mainly video today. A little video showing a few simple examples of the sort of things you can do with the RasPiO Duino. Obviously you can do much more sophisticated things too. My next step will be to control the speed of the LEDs using the light sensor and the analog inputs. Endless fun, and useful too, when you think that an LED could represent any device you wanted to control…

Don’t forget to check out the RasPiO Duino KickStarter, which finishes in a few days,

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  1. Demo suggestion: A python script on the RaspberryPi, monitoring a particular twitter username/account/hashtag/whatever (not a twitter user myself!) and if it spots a specifically-formatted RGB colour value, the RasPiO Duino sets the LED to that colour? Twitter-controlled moodlight! Would be a much better example of how this is “more” than just an Arduino, and people always seem to go crazy for things that “connect to twitter”? *shrug*

    Given how well RasPiO Duino is doing on KickStarter, I’ve decided to ‘join the herd’ and add one to my collection of Pi add-ons :)

    • Ahhh – that’s a great idea Andrew. A twitter cheerlight. I wonder if I have time to get that working before the weekend? Thanks for backing :)

  2. How about the python code for the temperature unit on the Pi.

  3. Hi Alex, How soon will it be before we get the serial port functioning on the RasPiO. At the moment the menu item “Tools/Serial Port is ghosted out, trying to run any sketches to the serial port results in an error “Comm 1 does not exist” but there is no way to change this. The jumpers for RX and TX are in place on the RasPiO. Could you anything I might have missed, although I have been over the install process several times. Thank you for your help.

  4. Hello Alex… Finally getting around to exploring the RasPiO Duino. I saw there is a code sample where you send data from the Arduino to the RPi via the serial port… but I wonder if you have sample code which uses Python on the RPi to send data to the Arduino, please?

    Thanks in advance.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever done it that way round in Python. Perhaps someone else knows?

      • Hi Alex… I’ve discovered why I couldn’t get any of the serial comms between the Duino and RPi to work. The examples are circa RPi2… but the RPi3 has bluetooth which I believe uses ttyAMA0. There’s a bunch of steps required to fix this including disabling the serial console, disabling bluetooth via the pi3-disable-bluetooth overlay plus some other cmdline commands that I found on various tutorials. From my initial tests I now need to use ttyS0 for the comms rather than ttyAMA0.

        Maybe there’s an opportunity to update the serial example for the Pi3?

        Kind Regards

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