Feb 242015
The Raspberry Pi Family February 2015 CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

Obviously I’ve been fairly pre-occupied recently with the RasPiO Duino kickstarter (2 weeks in, just 1 week to go).

But within the last week, at least 3 people have asked me if I’ve updated my “Raspberry Pi Family Photo” to include the new Pi2 model B. I realised, last week, when Zak Zebrowski, Matt Manning and Carrie-Anne all asked me about it, that “it’s become a thing“.

I finally made time for it this morning. It takes a couple of hours to dust them all off, lay them out straight and get the lighting right (it’s all done in one shot – no cheating). I thought it ought to be done before the upcoming birthday week-end. You always have a nice family photo at birthdays, so we need one for the Pi family. It was a bit of a ‘tight squeeze on the sofa’, so the plus sized models needed to squash up a bit (pun absolutely intended).

So here you go, the latest Raspberry Pi Family photo. I’m releasing this under Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike (CC-BY-SA 4.0), so feel free to use and enjoy it, but the RasPi.TV attribution must remain intact.

The Raspberry Pi Family February 2015 CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

The Raspberry Pi Family February 2015 CC-BY-SA 4 RasPi.TV credit

I always get comments when I release one of these. The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice that I’ve changed which Pi I used for the B Rev 2 (China) photo. It now shows the Made in China sticker as it should.

Those with different Rev 1 Bs will note that this photo shows the RS model and the Farnell one was slightly different (I have both, naturally). You can see high res photos of both of those on the first ever RasPi.TV blog post.

At some point I will do high resolution photos of “all of the Pis”, but I’m far too busy preparing for the Pi Birthday week-end and the running the RasPiO Duino Kickstarter at the moment.

  15 Responses to “Updated Pi Family Photo to include Pi 2 B”

  1. When you’ve got time, can you link each one through to a technical description of the differences?

  2. Nice one Alex. I wonder if you could do poster-prints of this, to sell at the birthday party / future Jams?
    Or would it not appeal to anyone apart from me? ;-)

  3. […] Alex Eames of RasPi.TV previously broke the internet when he posted his Raspberry Pi family tree photo. Well, now he’s at it again with an updated photo that includes the new Raspberry Pi 2 model B. Click here to see a large version. […]

  4. it would be nice if you can add the release date on each module.

    • I had release dates on the original article, but where would you put them in the photo without spoiling it? It’s in danged of getting too cluttered as it is.

      • As the photo is CreativeCommons licensed, there’s nothing stopping JJ from making his own version, overlaying the dates from the original article himself :-)

  5. Dear Alex.
    Not sure how to upload or email an image to you, but I thought you might like a picture of the PRC-made RasPi 2 model B that’s being sold in the US. (It’s not of as high a quality as your professionally lit family picture but I’ve tried to match your background beige.)

    • I guess the usual way would be a dropbox folder, or Flickr or imgur upload and post the link here? :)

      • Sorry for the big delay… I’ve been clearing a little space in my Dropbox folder. Looking at the picture again I realize just how badly lit it is. (You’ve set a high standard!) I’d reshoot it, but I’ve now attached an outsized heatsink to the board and attached it to a block of wood just to make it a little easier to handle. Anyway, here are three resolutions:


        Nothing of note seems to differ much in the Chinese version. I’ve seen bigger differences among various pictures of the UK-made ones.

  6. Check RCA on 中国 vesions is not good aligned on PCB.

  7. Sharp eyes, Snoop05! The Version 2 doesn’t have an RCA jack, though. I think you’re looking at the micro-USB on the lower left? I hadn’t noticed, it is a bit 错位. (I might even have knocked it askew connecting the power/USB cable.) Fortunately it fits well in my (very handsome) Flirc case.

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