Create a Twitter App on Your Raspberry Pi


Twitter Application Tutorials

  1. How to create a twitter app on the Raspberry Pi with Python-tweepy – part 1
  2. Tweeting with Python tweepy on the Raspberry Pi – part 2 pi twitter app series
  3. Tweeting System Information from the Raspberry Pi – part 3 Pi Twitter app series
  4. Taking and Tweeting a Photo with Raspberry Pi – part 4 – pi twitter app series
  5. Overlaying Text and Graphics on a Photo and Tweeting it – pt 5 Twitter App series

Tweeted Photos on a Pi from the Cambridge Jam

You can see an example of some photos tweeted from the Cambridge Raspberry Jam here…

Link to GitHub raspitweets repo

You can download the full set of scripts from my Github repo here

or, from Pi command line, use…

git clone

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  1. […] position the camera. It’s very neat and tidy, and is an excellent extension on Alex’s previous blog posts working with the Twitter API. And, oh yeah, it can upload photos and videos to Dropbox in addition to tweeting a photo via a […]

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