Jul 142015

For some time now I’ve been using the wonderful RPi.GPIO Python library by Ben Croston. It’s great for using the General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) ports on the Raspberry Pi to control things and read inputs.

I’ve written at least 14 tutorials on it (listed here) over the last couple of years. But I still find myself needing to look up the exact commands to use.

I’ve made a crib-sheet which is really useful, but pieces of paper get lost. What I really want is the most used commands in a portable, accessible form that won’t be easily lost.

So I came up with the RasPiO GPIO Ruler

RasPiO GPIO Ruler

RasPiO GPIO Ruler

The above photo is of a prototype that I hope to be able to bring to life on KickStarter. So please have a look at the RasPiO GPIO Ruler KickStarter page and help make this happen.


RPi.GPIO is part of the standard Raspbian distribution. It’s the preferred GPIO Python library in the official Raspberry Pi resources. It’s widely used by tutorial writers all over the web. So if you want to do any GPIO work, it’s really the one to use. So a handy, portable, affordable quick reference is a highly desirable thing to have. Please come and help make it happen on KickStarter.

Update October 2015

The RasPiO GPIO Ruler KickStarter fulfilment is completed. Now the production boards are available from https://rasp.io/gpioruler

RasPiO GPIO Ruler production board

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  1. Another fine Kickstarter by Alex, , I am a backer!

  2. I tried to back this but I don’t have a credit or visa card as I’m from the netherlands. Is there a way to use paypal?


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