Jul 082016

This time last year I did a “mailbag” video which was well received. So, with the review box filling up, I thought I’d do another. This time I’m covering seven products. I was going to do a G+ poll so you can tell me which one is the most interesting to you, but their surveys are limited to 5 options and I need 7. So I’ve chosen to use a different survey mechanism. I hope it works out. There’s a list of products with links beneath the video and poll. Since this is mostly a video overview, I’ll let the video do the talking…


Here’s the poll. Choose which one you’d like me to review the most. I’ll probably review at least the top two.

Product Links

Here are links to each of the products shown in the video…

  25 Responses to “Mailbag July 2016 overview of PaPirus Zero, Displayotron Hat, Wombat board, PiOT relay board, PiUPS+, Motozero, Zeroview”

  1. None of the options have reached 51.9% yet…

  2. This one was hard for me to decide on which one I would like to see in more detail. I really liked the wombat but felt that it was self explanatory on how it worked. Saying that though I am really interested in buying one as I do so much experimenting with Analog and breadboard this seems like a really good solution for me. In the end I voted for the displayotron. I liked the e-ink display for low power applications.

  3. Hi,
    hanks for the review, I bought the PIoT relay board on the back of it, looks so cool and just what I wanted :)

  4. I was very interested to hear more about the piups+.
    However, upon inspection of their forums, i find posted to their forums in april 2016 a message that cw2 has declared bankruptcy.

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