Sep 222012
Gertboard is a proximity sensor

I was setting up my Gertboard this morning to shoot some video and noticed that when I put my hand near it, some of the LEDs come on. Further investigation revealed that the Gertboard was acting as a proximity sensor. I thought that was pretty cool. Have a look and see. Does yours do this too or have I made it wrong? ;) Subsequently it was discovered that this is due to lack of pullup resistors on the self-assembly kit. The V2 assembled Gertboard launched in Jan 2013 has pullups, which is why the leds […more…]

Sep 212012

Now I’ve got my Gertboard assembled, I thought I’d run some of the programs Gert supplied for testing and learning. First up LEDs. Delighted to say it worked a treat, so i thought I’d bring you a world premiere of the first blogged video of a Gertboard (sold to the public) in action. LEDs, camera, action… …and cut. Short and sweet. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t have enough jumpers and straps to make use of the last two LEDs on the board. I’ll be putting the rest of the board through its paces soon.

Sep 212012
Assemble Gertboard photos - Tandy kit

Just finished soldering the Gertboard together. Tested the voltage and it came in at 3.34V, which is within tolerance of the target 3.3V. So, next up will be to make it do something, but I thought you should all see it now it’s done. ;) You can click any of these shots to get the full sized version. No comments about RN7 ;) I’ll stick up some assembly shots in a little bit. In the meantime, here’s the thread where people are talking about their Gertboard Assemblies.

Sep 202012
Gertboard kit is here

Not much to say about this really. I found out that Tandy had these in stock so I ordered one on Tuesday evening, and it turned up this morning. Here’s a shot of the whole kit, including, board, ribbon cable, sheet of contents and the components packed in assembly order, heat-sealed in a plastic sleeve. Good idea that! :) Looks nice. Well done Tandy. I’ll get it built when I find a slot of time. :) According to a post in the Raspberry Pi forums, Tandy has bought the boards from Farnell and made up […more…]