Mar 022015
Raspberry Pi Birthday Party Weekend

Well that was a wonderful, but tiring, weekend. Last night I got back from a weekend in Cambridge where 1300 people got together to celebrate all things Raspberry Pi. There were two lecture theatres, two large workshop areas, a large marketplace area and a show-and-tell area. The facilities were perfect, with plenty of space at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory. I took part in two discussion panels and gave a short talk on PCB Design for Beginners. I also managed to take in talks by Eben Upton, Dave Honess, Pete Lomas and Dave Akerman and I […more…]

Mar 142013
Eben Upton meets at Oxford Geek Night

Last night I went along to the Oxford Geek Night #30 to see Eben Upton talking about the Raspberry Pi. It was a good evening, but it was absolutely wall-to-wall people. Fortunately, it was obvious that it was going to be busy, so I got there very early and got a seat at a table near the stage. But you can be too clever sometimes can’t you? The fact that there were so many people ‘standing in the gap’ meant that I couldn’t see the stage. :( I enjoyed Eben’s talk though. The sound system […more…]

Mar 012013
Raspberry Pi in near space 35.5km from earth

On Wednesday of this week, I went to film Dave Akerman and Anthony Stirk launching two high altitude weather balloons. One of them had a Raspberry Pi inside a TARDIS as its payload. It was cold. In the video you’ll see it looks almost as if Dave is smoking at one point. That would have been a bad idea as the 70 kg red cylinders are full of highly explosive Hydrogen gas. Slight cheating on the Vid I confess in advance that I did have to cheat slightly with the video. Dave was really keen […more…]