Apr 122013
DesignSpark and RasPi.TV flying the flag in China

Mike Brojak from DesignSpark, whose voice you can hear in the video, asked me to put together a Wii controller flag-waving demo (plus other bits) on their new PiGo board. You may remember catching a glimpse of it in the flag waving video I produced a few weeks ago? This demo was destined for the Electronica exhibition in Shanghai, and I’ve just received a link to a little video the guys shot while they were there. (Thanks Yan :) ) Apparently it was well received, worked really well and only needed rebooting once in three […more…]

Mar 142013
Eben Upton meets RasPi.tv at Oxford Geek Night

Last night I went along to the Oxford Geek Night #30 to see Eben Upton talking about the Raspberry Pi. It was a good evening, but it was absolutely wall-to-wall people. Fortunately, it was obvious that it was going to be busy, so I got there very early and got a seat at a table near the stage. But you can be too clever sometimes can’t you? The fact that there were so many people ‘standing in the gap’ meant that I couldn’t see the stage. :( I enjoyed Eben’s talk though. The sound system […more…]

Mar 112013
How to make your own Raspberry Pi flag-waving demo

After the recent call for items for the demo table over at Raspberry Pi HQ, I thought I’d send over a flag-waving set. It’s not a product for sale, but it’s one of the most eye-catching and memorable Raspberry Pi demos I’ve made. People mention it more than any of the others when I don’t take it along to Jams. There’s a video, at the end of the page, showing three Pis all waving flags together (based on three different drive systems). Making the flag So I set about making a flag. It’s pretty easy. […more…]